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Kennels & outdoor accessories

Brand: Ferplast Model: Crates, Gates & Containment
Kenny is a plastic outdoor kennel that looks like an igloo and provides excellent insulation at both high and low temperatures. Kenny is built in tough, shock-resistant plastic and features a useful vent system that ensures maximum internal ventilation, as well as a drain system to ensure a dry, ger..
Brand: MP Bergamo Model: Crates, Gates & Containment
Details:Double wall roof.Dismantable structure.Ventilation grill.Draining floor.Dimensions:KENNEL CLASSIC MAXY ECO – 119x91x88 h..
MP Kennel Cuccia Camper ECO
-27 %
Brand: MP Bergamo Model: Crates, Gates & Containment
Plastic house for your dog. It is ideal for outdoor use and can be easily cleaned with soap and water. It has vents so that there is sufficient ventilation for our little friend, as well as a drainable floor. Available in different sizes to choose the right one for your dog.ECO 5: ECO 7: E..
₪1,100.00 ₪1,500.00
Brand: MP Bergamo Model: Crates, Gates & Containment
Details:Easy and fast to clean.Ventilation grill.Draining floor.Dimensions:KENNEL SPRINT MINI ECO – 60x50x41 hKENNEL SPRINT MEDIA ECO  – 79x56x60 hKENNEL SPRINT LARGE ECO – 99x70x75 h..
Model: Crates, Gates & Containment
A mesh cage which is made of metal with a plastic bottom with 2 doors designed to train the dog and accustom him to living indoors and also suitable for training puppy behavior.After the training phase, the cage can be used as the dog's permanent accommodation and thus provide the dog with..
Model: Crates, Gates & Containment
A training fence built of 8 ribs, 60 cm long, open from above, comes in different heightsA puppy fence is intended for the purpose of training and demarcating the dog that delimits an area in the house or yard where the dog can stay without causing harm to himself or the house.A dog fence is made up..
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