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pet training fence

pet training fence
pet training fence
A training fence built of 8 ribs, 60 cm long, open from above, comes in different heights

A puppy fence is intended for the purpose of training and demarcating the dog that delimits an area in the house or yard where the dog can stay without causing harm to himself or the house.
A dog fence is made up of 8 sides, 60 cm wide and varying in height.
The shape of the puppy fence can be changed and reduced by folding ribs on top of each other.
Also suitable as a fence for training and education for needs.

There may be a slight change of 1-2 cm in the dimensions of the net.
Image for illustration only.

24" = 61cm H x 8 ribs x 60 cm long
30" = 76cm H x 8 ribs x 60 cm long
36" = 91cm H x 8 ribs x 60 cm long
42" = 107cm H x 8 ribs x 60 cm long
48" = 122cm H x 8 ribs x 60 cm long

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