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Petex Nail Clipper For Cats and Dogs

Petex Nail Clipper For Cats and Dogs
Petex Nail Clipper For Cats and Dogs
Large size is suitable for dogs of medium, large and huge breeds
Small size is Suitable for cats / dogs of small breed
Made of stainless steel | Anti-bacterial | handle combined with natural rubber to prevent slipping
Security closure for double protection 

Instructions for using a professional nail clipper:
  • Hold in one hand the foot of their dog and in the other hand hold the clipper
  • The nail should be cut at a 45 degree angle, pay attention to the blood vessels that run along the center of the nail
And if you cut them, your dog will bleed so it is very important to pay attention to where they are located. You can usually see where the meat area begins in dogs with light nails.
In case the dog has dark nails you need to assess where the dangerous area is usually located a little after the nail bend
In this case, you should chop very little each time so that you can better assess where the meat is located

The best way to get your dog used to the idea that nail trimming is a routine thing is to start when the dog is a puppy.

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