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Nails & paws care

Brilliant salmon oil 300ml
-13 %
Model: Vitamins & wellness
100% cold-pressed Norwegian salmon oil, no additivesBrilliant 100% Unrefined Salmon Oil is a dietary supplement for dogs and cats. This supplement is effective for grooming coat, soft paws, strengthening the heart, improving appetite and increased energy. Brilliant is a salmon oil from Norway made f..
₪99.90 ₪114.90
Wilda Siberica Paw And Nose Balm 40 g / 1.4 Oz
New 2-3 Days
Brand: Wilda Siberica Model: Paws & nails care
DescriptionA protective and soothing balm is an indispensable solution for pets with sensitive paws and nose.Contains organic ingredients:Organic cedar seeds are one of the most favorite beetroot treats. Cedar seeds contain many vitamins and beneficialtrace elements that saturate the skin and protec..
Brand: Petex Model: grooming and health
Large size is suitable for dogs of medium, large and huge breedsSmall size is Suitable for cats / dogs of small breedMade of stainless steel | Anti-bacterial | handle combined with natural rubber to prevent slippingSecurity closure for double protection LightweightInstructions for using a profe..
Petex Nail Clipper in the shape of scissors For Cats and Dogs
Out Of Stock
Brand: Petex Model: grooming and health
Made of Stainless Steel | Anti-Bacterial | Handle Combined with Natural Rubber to Prevent slip | Lightweight Provides accurate cuts Safe and easy to use | Suitable for both dogs and cats  Instructions for use in a professional scissor clipper 1 Hold the foot of their dog in one hand a..
Model: Grooming & Health
Pet Pedicure nail file to smoothly and painlessly file your pets' nails, quickly and easily anywhere without the pain caused by a traditional nail clipper.Keep your pet's nails (cat or dog) short, rounded, smooth and soft to the touch, leaving your home safe from scratchesIt has rotating emery bands..
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