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REX adult Sterilised cats food with fresh fish

REX adult Sterilised cats food with fresh fish
REX adult Sterilised cats food with fresh fish
We provide the necessary nutrients with a low level of fat which helps weight control and balances the urinary ph to avoid kidney stones.

Control weight
It incorporates a mixture of fibers that help stimulate intestinal transit. It favors the regular elimination in the stool of the ingested hair.

Urinary care
It’s nutritional formula helps control the balance of mineral levels. The incorporation of sodium bisulfate balances the urinary pH and contributes to the production of a less concentrated urine: less formation of urinary crystals.

Intestinal health
Prebiotic effect, favor the development of beneficial microorganisms helping the balance of the intestinal flora. They contribute to a better assimilation of the food and reinforcement of the immune system.

Hair and skin
The correct relationship of Ac. Omega 3 and Omega 6 fats, essential for the body, decrease the effects of inflammation such as dermatitis. They contribute to maintaining a healthy skin and shiny hair.
Ingredient list Fresh fish 20%. Rice. Fish and tuna dehydrated. Corn gluten. Green peas. Corn. Beet pulp. Pea protein. Flour of bird. Hydrolyzed chicken liver. Rice protein. Chicken oil. Yeasts. Dehydrated carrot. Chicory (0.1% FOS source). Mineral substances. Yucca Schidigera.

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