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PetGuard Tablets with Glucosamine

PetGuard Tablets with Glucosamine
PetGuard Tablets with Glucosamine

75 Tablets

1 tablet per day for cats weighing 0-3 kg

2 tablets per day for cats weighing more than 3 kg

Glucosamine, which is preferred especially in cats that have recently survived an accident, have joint or cartilage damage or are old, not only relieves joint and cartilage pain in cats, but also allows them to move comfortably. Relaxation in Movements The glucosamine content, which facilitates the opportunity to move painlessly, strengthens the mobility of cats and at the same time prevents the aging of cartilage tissue over time, can be easily given to cats thanks to Petguard Glucosamine Tablet for Cats. No More Pain 

Cats are likely to experience joint pain, especially after various accidents or due to aging. This type of pain restricts the mobility of cats and also causes them to suffer. Therefore, Petguard Glucosamine Tablet for Cats can be used to end the pain of cats.

It is used directly or by mixing it with their food. When needed, the tablets can be crushed and mixed into the food.

Regular daily use is recommended.
It is stored at room temperature, away from sunlight.

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