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Petguard Canine Immune 100 tablets

Petguard Canine Immune 100 tablets
Petguard Canine Immune 100 tablets

Petguard Plus Immunis tablet for dogs containing echinacea, beta glucan, vitamins, zinc and lysine. Multi vitamin, essential vitamins, extra minerals, zinc, iron and magnesium, with a special flavor for dogs, strengthens the immune system of dogs and provides protection against diseases. It can be used directly or by mixing it with food. When necessary, tablets can be crushed and mixed into food. Regular use is recommended.

1 tablet per day for dogs weighing 3-10 kg

2 tablets per day for dogs weighing more than 10 kg

Keep out of reach of children.

It is a feed premix. It cannot be used for treatment purposes. It is used for dogs only.

Stored at room temperature, away from sunlight.

It is natural, does not contain sugar and colorants.

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