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Wilda Siberica Detangling Pet Spray 250ML

Wilda Siberica Detangling Pet Spray 250ML
Wilda Siberica Detangling Pet Spray 250ML
This pet spray is a controlled organic product, suitable for long and medium hair. Ensures easy and careful detangling. Wild Amur Velvet is rich in vitamins, essential oils and polysaccharides and nourishes and repair  animal hair. Siberian Chinseng is full of vitamins A, B and C and organic acids that moisturize the hair, making it fresh and easy to comb. Wheat proteins and cedar oil, nourish and repair the coat, make combing easier.

Spray is a product for daily use before each combing procedure on the areas with the most matted hair.

Contains extracts and oils of SIBERIA WILD HERBS:
- Wild Amur Velvet
- Siberian Ginseng
- Cedar oil
- Rodiola Rosea hydrolyzate

Directions: Apply generous amount of spray onto the coat and skin. Brush pet’s coat. Do not rinse.

It is suitable for dogs and cats.

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