If you have a newborn kitten, here are some tips for handling it properly:

1. **Keep Warm and Comfortable**: Make sure the kitten stays warm. You can use a heated brush or a heating pad to help maintain its temperature. Also, you can place it near a heat source like a moderately heated heating pad.

2. **Feeding the Tiny Kitten**: If you're caring for a newborn kitten without its mother, ensure you feed it properly. It's preferable to use specialized kitten milk available at veterinary stores. You can consult a veterinarian for guidance on proper feeding and timing.

3. **Maintain Cleanliness**: Make sure to clean the tiny kitten gently with a clean cloth dampened with warm water to remove any stains and dirt.

4. **Visit the Veterinarian**: It's important to take the tiny kitten to the veterinarian for regular check-ups to ensure it's developing properly and receiving necessary care.

5. **Continuous Monitoring and Care**: The tiny kitten needs constant care and monitoring. Make sure to check on its condition regularly and monitor its development.

6. **Maintain Calmness and Serenity**: The tiny kitten might be sensitive to noise and excessive excitement, so try to maintain a calm environment suitable for it.

Of course, you can always consult a veterinarian or animal care experts for personalized advice for your kitten's situation.